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● I'm married! :D in a relationship.
● I'm a middle child. I have an older sister, an older brother, and a younger sister.
● I love Matt, my little dog Mr. Jacobs, Dungeons and Dragons, Neopets, webcomics, and gaia.
● If you want to friend me, go ahead. But please comment here first so I know. :D

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15 Aug 2007 01:44pm
subject; So I'm moving... mood: bleh

Matt and I are moving to california. We figured out that we just can't afford to live here anymore, which really sucks. :( I'm going to miss the roommate environment but I'll be able to help out my mom for a little while. And it's only a 4 hour drive back here so it's not that bad.

I'm selling off all my books and movies because we won't have the room to take them with us. I've sold a few of them off already but I still have a HUGE chunk to go through. I also need to sell off my second tv.

Everything will work out in the end I know it, it just sucks in the interim. :\

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09 Aug 2007 03:54am
subject; Woo on the road again. mood: happy

Matt, Carl, Lee, and myself are all travelling to Colorado Springs, Colorado for a convention. :D

It should be hella fun. I'm really looking forward to it. It'll be my first real convention of any kind so I'm a bit nervous but yeah. :D

Hopefully I'll have pictures of the event. I'm trying to get my digital camera to work but it's not happening so I might buy a disposable one.

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01 Aug 2007 08:11pm
subject; Dang... mood: disappointed

Wow so apparently when I first met one of my good friends I was a total rude bitch. :(

I have this friend who is really tall and apparently before I even introduced myself I said "Wow you're tall." I didn't find this out until just today. I met him late January and he's been plotting revenge since then. D: The only reason I found out was I asked him why he always makes fun of my height (for those who haven't met me irl I'm 5'0") and he responds with "Because when we first met, you mocked me for my height." I of course didn't believe him but I think I really did say that, and I'm just frankly saddened that I could have been that rude to someone I didn't even know.

It makes me feel really bad actually. Stuff like that happens to me all of the time (people saying snide comments because of my height) so I understand why he was mad.

But man does it make me feel like a bitch. :(

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04 Jun 2007 01:31am
subject; :OO

I think piercings are hot. ;D

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30 May 2007 02:36pm
subject; I don't like the end of May/June mood: crushed

So not only are we moving, but my step-dads trailer burned down.

They're Mary and Paul Pasterski.

Just terrible timing...not that any timing would be good but it's crazy how everything is happening so close to everything else.

If you lean that way, can you please pray for them. If you don't then just think good thoughts. ;)

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28 May 2007 02:04am
subject; :\ mood: blah

So our lease isn't being renewed, we have to be out of the house by July 1st. I'm looking for 5 bedroom houses because we are definitely not taking at least one of the roommates *cough*leayer*cough* and I've actually found a couple of promising ones. I just have to actually check them out which I hopefully will be able to do with Rich tomorrow.

Other than that, not much to update on. We played D&D yesterday and today, and we had a mini-party yesterday.

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30 Apr 2007 12:50pm
subject; Happy birthday to me.. mood: happy

So today's my 21st. :)

Last night at midnight my friends (Matt and Danielle) took me to mcdonalds to start the evening, to do a "kiddie" thing before the adult things. :D The mcdonalds guy gave me a free parfait. ;D

From there we went to Treasures (a strip club). It was interesting to say the least. xD I got a lapdance but it was only like 3 minutes long. ;( Then every girl that went on the pole in front of us was told it was my 21st birthday so they all petted me, or rubbed my boobs, OR blew in them. XD

After that we went to cheers to get in the drinking, I had a cosmopolitan and a tequila sunrise, but I think I'm just not a drinker because they didn't taste good to me. :( Oh well, that's just money saved and weight NOT put on. ;D

All in all a fun start to my 21st year.

Oh and I got a zune as my present from Richard, and two tickets to see Chris Isaac's in concert from a couple of friends. :D

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10 Apr 2007 12:25pm
subject; uuuuuggggghhh

Last night I was going to go to sleep after I had done my nightly routines, and I go to open the door and I stub my toe. So I do the normal dancing about from stubbed toe pain and Rich yells "Are you ok in there?" well I'm about to answer fine when I look down and see blood all over the place. :(

Apparently I had pulled my toenail back. D; I was able to calm down after the initial shock and let Rich put a bandaid over it, but MAN does it hurt. What's great is I'm also wearing this huge floppy sock over it so I don't get blood everywhere because it's still bleeding a bit 8 hours later. :(

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23 Mar 2007 01:24am

So this week we've been "bricking" as I like to put it our backyard. Before it was a rock waste land, but now it's pretty awesome. I was slowly but surely working on it, but yesterday Scott took over, and a lot more has gotten done. It'll be awesome by saturday. :)

I've been working out a lot recently and I've gained muscle but now I'm tired all the time. I think I need to eat more but I wish there was a way to know how much more I need to eat so I don't raise it too high.

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